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Shower Layout and Installation Clinic (SLIC)

  • Shower Layout and Installation Clinic (SLIC)

Showcase Innovations

Shower Layout and Installation Clinic (SLIC)


The SLIC Online Training for Shower Door Professionals Includes:

  • Two videos each month on specific topics designed to help estimators, sales people, and installers to be more effective and accomplish more in less time. These videos can be shared with any or all crew members and office personnel
  • The monthly one-hour live clinic on Zoom where I share my insights and techniques. This includes a question and answer time. These training sessions are also recorded so you can share them with your team whenever it is convenient
  • One 25-minute one-on-one conversation with me by phone, FaceTime, Messenger, or Zoom. Ask me whatever questions you would like or get specific trouble shooting advice on a particular issue. This can be used by yourself or another member on your team.
  • 10% preferred customer discount at the website – one per paying member.
  • Access to me by text, email, messenger, etc. (There is a limit to how available I can be for this, but I’ll respond to a reasonable amount of questions if I can)
  • Additional insights to upcoming releases and other surprises that only insiders have access to

American Made

Showcase Innovations products are designed, manufactured, and assembled right here in the USA!

Original Products

These tools and utilities are inventions of Chris Phillips and are not available anywhere else in the world.

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Product prices include free shipping within the United States. For shipping outside of the US please contact us.