Showcase UV Glue Assistant - Glue Adapter Alignment Tool (Pair)
Showcase UV Glue Assistant - Glue Adapter Alignment Tool (Pair)
Showcase UV Glue Assistant - Glue Adapter Alignment Tool (Pair)
Showcase Shower Door Co.

Showcase UV Glue Assistant - Glue Adapter Alignment Tool (Pair)

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This unique installation utility is specifically designed for use with the CRL UV6169 UV glue adapter. 

  •  Made in USA
  • Contains 2 units
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Assists in holding parts in alignment during adheasion  
  • Free shipping 
The UV Glue Assistant from Showcase Innovations is just one of several utilities that give shower enclosure installers the ability to accomplish more with less manpower, improve accuracy, and simplify installations. The “UV Glue Assistant” is going to help you with the installation of shower door knobs that are installed using UV glue. The “UV Glue Assistant” is made of sturdy poly-ethylene plastic and utilizes powerful magnets to hold the components in alignment while the adhesive cures. This tool is designed to work with the UV6169 UV glue adapters made by C.R. Laurence.
The first thing I want to tell you about the “UV Glue Assistant” is that the magnets are very strong! They will pinch you if you aren’t careful. Just like any other tool in your kit, treat these with respect - use them as directed so you don’t get your fingers pinched! When storing the device, place the two halves of “UV Glue Assistant” together back-to-back, with the magnets facing away from each other. Let the magnets engage on the edges and then slide them together until they flush out. When separating them, it is easiest to twist them apart, rather than pulling them away form each other. The magnetic polarity is set to positive and negative every-other space. This causes the parts to repel, rather than attract, when twisted in place.
Sometimes a customer decides that they want a handle, knob, or towel bar after the glass is made. In those cases, the only way to add one is to glue it on. There are a number of ultra violet cure adhesives that are perfect for this type of application. The UV Glue Assistant is designed to hold the UV6169 in place while the glue cures. Find the location on the glass where you want to attach the glue adapter, and make a mark. You will want to make the mark on the opposite side of the glass to which the adhesive will be applied. This is important, because you are going to need to get the glass very clean to prepare it for the glue. You don’t want to erase your mark when you do the cleaning.
Place the UV6169 on a flat surface. Now push the UV Glue Assistant down on top of it… the glue adapter will fit snugly into the hole designed to hold the part in place. Again, clean the surface of the adapter completely… Apply the adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Now that you are ready to secure the part, place the UV Glue Assistant on the opposite side of the glass so that you can see your mark centered in the opening. Place the other half, the one holding the glue adapter, on the surface where it will be installed so that the magnetic fields engage, holding the part in place.
You can look through the opening on the other side to make sure that the mark is still visible through the opening. This will insure that your part is still on layout. You are now ready to apply the UV light that will cure the adhesive. Shine the UV light through the opening directly on to the area where the adhesive has been applied. Depending on the intensity of the lamp and the type of glue, the amount of time it takes for the glue to cure will vary. Check the adhesive manufacturer’s specifications to be sure.
Once the glue has finished curing you can remove the half of the UV Glue Assistant opposite the side with the part that has just been attached. The UV6169 will hold the other side. You may need to install a second glue adapter on the opposite side of the glass. If so, place the second UV6169 on a flat surface and push the UV Glue Assistant down on top of it… Repeat the process of cleaning, applying the glue, and replace the UV Glue Assistant to get it ready for the UV lamp. Getting light to the application spot is a little more challenging now because the UV Glue Assistant is blocking it. That’s OK - the UV light will still travel through the glass to the area where it is needed. After a few seconds, when the glue is cured enough to remove the UV Glass Assistant, shine the light more directly on the parts until the glue is completely cured. Now that the adapters are securely attached, the knobs can be screwed on. You can also attach a shower door pull, or even a towel bar.

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